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Property in a Trust: Responsibilities and Considerations for Trustees

Taking care of property in a trust

Putting property in a Trust is a great way to safeguard the property and avoid a lengthy and costly probate process on death. For the trustees who hold the property, it is important to consider any potential risk factors, your obligations and the health and wellbeing of the beneficiary residing in the property. There is… Read more »

Will Trust: Is a Simple Will Enough to Provide For My Family?

We all know the importance of having a Will to ensure our wishes are met after death. However, if you have a complex family situation or need to make sure that a vulnerable family member still receives ongoing care then a Will might not be sufficient. What you actually need is a Trust within your Will…. Read more »

Appointing executors… Who has the last word?

An ‘executor’ is appointed in a will as the person who will administer the estate following death. There may simply be a sole executor or you could elect to have more. The executors will step into the shoes of the person who made the will and has passed away i.e. the ‘testator’ and assume control… Read more »