Keith and Valerie Gould

Year Published: 2020

We would like to thank you for all your hard work at SAS Daniels getting the deal done in what were extraordinary circumstances. Notably the vendors’ solicitors not responding and, when they did respond, only to answer questions incorrectly. Missing documents and, just for good measure, a global pandemic and a very, very tight deadline. We really appreciated your ability to stay focused on getting the deal done regardless of what got in your way. Your flexibility to use whatever communication channels were available and not just say, as a lot of people do, “well it’s not my fault; they just didn’t respond to my mail”. We were very impressed by your responsiveness and professionalism throughout the process. We are really grateful and we firmly believe that if you’re prepared to complain when things go wrong, you should also be prepared to give praise when it’s due. We will always in future recommend and use SAS Daniels.

Thanks a million.

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