The scandal of pensioners’ care costs

Year Published: 2014

‘Hundreds of thousands of pensioners are being deprived of help with the cost of care because of “institutionalised financial abuse”.

Campaigners say the system is so confusing and complex, they fear the elderly are given the wrong information to save councils and health authorities £462million a year.

SAS Daniels LLP Elderley, Care and Mental Capacity team, specialising in long-term care funding, said: “The current system of applying for care is so complicated, so opaque and difficult for vulnerable pensioners and their families to navigate, that it is hard to believe that it is not this way deliberately, to save money, to protect budgets. It is a form of institutionalised financial abuse.”

Speaking at the joint conference of charity Action on Elder Abuse and Solicitors for the Elderly, said in more and more cases, compensation is made, sometimes after a pensioner’s death, because funds had been wrongly withheld’

The above excerpt was published on the Daily Express website on Monday, 3 February 2014. The article was written by Sarah O’Grady.

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