Think of the children in a separation

Year Published: 2013

A recent study taken place during November 2013 in conjunction with The Marriage Foundation has found that although the majority of parents are aware that separation and divorce can negatively impact upon children, they do not consider that it impacts upon them or their own children and therefore they do not proactively seek help for their own situation. This is concerning as the process of a separation or divorce can be very painful with children frequently asking themselves if they were to blame and trying to get the parents back together, leading to potential issues at school and indeed, later on in life.

There are many forms of help available for both parents and children during separation and indeed before that becomes likely. Good communication between parents will help the children move forwards from the separation in a positive manner.

Most good divorce lawyers have a number of options with which they can support clients during this emotional time and it is actually expected that they should discuss whether a reconciliation is possible in the first instance. Relate can be very supportive in assisting couples to iron out their differences or alternatively helping to separate amicably. Referrals can also be made to counsellors for both children and adults who can offer support during the process.

It is also vital to obtain good and supportive legal advice, ideally from solicitors who subscribe to various good practice guidance. Following this guidance can make the whole area of separation and divorce less painful for all concerned. Options such as mediation or collaborative law are also available and should be considered to help avoid any issues, particularly for the children involved.

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