Who will benefit from your inheritance? Your family, a charity or even your pets?

Year Published: 2010

A survey commissioned by the find-a-solicitor website, Unbiased suggests that almost 1.5million people in the UK plan to leave their assets for the benefit of their pets.

As may have been predicted, the majority of people (87% of those interviewed) would want to leave their assets to their family but another 9% of those interviewed stated a charity as being their intended recipient and even more surprising about 1% wish to leave their estates to the Government.

The survey was conducted by Opinium Research in connection with Unbaised’s “Write a Will Week” campaign. Unbiased stress the importance of making a will as our family and financial positions get increasingly complex, to ensure that the people that you would want to receive your estate actually do so. The results of the survey also suggested that there are more than 30million people in the UK who still have not made a will.

It is easy to put writing a will to the back of your mind and assume that everything would work out the way you would wish but the rules relating to estates where a will has not been left are not always as people expect and so we do urge people that it is important to think things through and put something in place to ensure that those you care about most, be it your partner, pooch or a political party, are provided for after your death.

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