Contracts and Employment

Well drafted legal contracts and policies are the foundation of a successful business. As well as ensuring the company is properly protected, clear and concise documentation leads to happy employees who are aware of their rights and your expectations of them.

We will ensure your contracts allow you to do all of the following things more easily:

  • Vary an employee’s place or hours of work;
  • Restrict an employee’s activities after their employment has ended;
  • Recover money from an employee where they have caused damage through misconduct or negligence;
  • Give an employee notice in a variety of ways.

We will also ensure you have a suite of employment policies where employees can find out their rights in connection with:

  • Maternity leave and shared parental leave;
  • Equal treatment in the workplace;
  • Sickness absence;
  • Grievance and disciplinary processes.

Our team of specialists will also advise you how to introduce new contracts and how to enforce contractual changes. We will also ensure these contracts and policies are regularly reviewed and updated where necessary. After all there is little point in having policies and procedures that are out of date and do not comply with the most recent legal developments.

If you would like more advice about contracts of employment and policies, please contact  our employment law team and we will be happy to help.