Managing the Employee Grievance Process

An employee grievance often carries negative connotations and can be seen as a nuisance to some employers. They are also often used as a delay tactic during a disciplinary process or where an employer is trying to make changes that an employee doesn’t agree with. Our specialist Employment Law & HR team can guide you through every aspect of the employee grievance process to give you the reassurance that any problems will be resolved.

We often find that it is common for employers to fail to identify key grievance points and to not delve deep enough into the issues at the initial stages. This could ultimately result in any decision reached being fundamentally flawed and the employee left feeling as though their concerns have not been fully addressed. Leaving the employer at risk of further grievances or tribunal claims. However, handled properly, grievances don’t have to be overly time consuming and can often lead to positive changes in the workplace.

How can SAS Daniels help you manage an employee grievance?

Our Employment Law & HR team have a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge to guide you through the employee grievance process from start to finish. We can provide you with:

  • Advice on what questions to ask. Ensuring you ask the right questions from the start in order to gain a full and clear view of the situation.
  • Advice on the best possible outcomes for both you and the employee, and the risks associated with each.
  • On-site support.
  • The documentation required to carry out a grievance. Including; an invite to a grievance hearing, the outcome to a grievance hearing, an invite to a grievance appeal hearing and the outcome of a grievance appeal hearing.

Making sure you have conducted a full and thorough grievance investigation is crucial to not only help avoid further disputes but to give you the confidence to defend your actions should an employee take matters further and raise a claim in the Employment Tribunal.

Why Choose SAS Daniels?

With our in-depth knowledge and experience of dealing with employee grievances for a wide variety of businesses you can be confident that the right legal adviser is on your side and that the best interests of your company and the employee are at the forefront of any decisions.

If you find yourself too close to the detail or there are too many staff involved our on-site support can help you take a step back and explore the grievance issue properly, ensuring you carry out a full investigation. Our clients often comment that this service is invaluable to them and gives them to confidence to make vital decisions.

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