Hospital & Surgical Negligence

Have you or a relative suffered an avoidable physical or psychological injury due to the negligence of a doctor, nurse or another NHS medical professional such as a consultant?

In general hospitals are safe places but sometimes, standards are compromised and patients can be injured due to circumstances that are not their fault. These circumstances can range from minor mistakes to major catastrophic errors resulting in injury, illness and sometimes fatal consequences.

These claims come in many forms and the risks involved with surgery are part of the reason that surgery is such a daunting prospect. Unfortunately, despite the expertise of medical professionals, they are also human and mistakes can be made which can have lasting and sometimes fatal consequences.

We deal with a wide range of associated claims including:

  • Failure to review/monitor fluid levels;
  • Failure to carry out proper tests;
  • Misdiagnosis;
  • Delay in diagnosis or treatment – for some patients a delay could mean the difference between full recovery and permanent harm, or even death. Hospitals have discharged patients with untreated broken limbs, severe infections and even appendicitis. Delays in performing surgery can be equally harmful, whether due to delayed referral, scheduling problems, or administration errors;
  • Providing incorrect medical advice;
  • Medication errors;
  • Mistakes made during surgery;
  • Use of defective hospital equipment;
  • Failure to keep proper medical records;
  • Reckless use of anaesthesia;
  • Perforated internal organs during keyhole surgery;
  • Severed arteries or veins during surgical procedures;
  • Defective prosthetics or artificial implants.

If you have been affected by any of the issues above, please don’t hesitate in contacting us to discuss in more detail. Our team ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation that they are entitled to and are members of Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA).

We have an excellent track record for settling these types of claims. Our team have years of experience in dealing with such claims for victims and their families.

The initial steps of making a claim is for us to collate all of the necessary evidence including your medical records and proof of inadequate care. We also consult respected medical experts on your behalf, which will help us to calculate an appropriate level of compensation for you. We will always discuss any costs upfront with you before going ahead with the purchasing of any reports and keep you updated throughout the matter.

If you believe you might have grounds for a claim, please talk to a member of our team.