Employment Law and HR

Employment law is seen by many employers as a red tape barrier to running an effective business.

This shouldn’t be the case!

Employment law provides businesses with all of the tools they need to manage employees fairly but effectively, to make changes to working terms and conditions where necessary and to protect against dishonest or negligent employees.

Equally, employment law provides individuals with a significant amount of protection where business owners decide to ignore employment legislation and behave in an unfair and unreasonable manner. After all, if the roles were reversed and the employer was the employee, they would expect fair and reasonable decisions to be made wouldn’t they?

As one of the most experienced employment law teams in the North West, our philosophy is simple – to provide our clients with down-to-earth solicitors who provide a specialist legal service with transparent pricing options to suit your needs.

For those businesses who need HR support on or off-site, we also have a dedicated team of experienced HR professionals.
In addition to our core employment law and HR skills, we offer fixed price employment packages for businesses and schools.

For more information about our Employment law and HR service, please contact a member of our specialist team.

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