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Meet the Team : Ben Sanders

Ben Sanders

I am Head of the Finance team and responsible for the day to day running of the finance function at SAS Daniels including day to day SRA Accounts Rules Compliance. I also assist in the preparation of the monthly management reports and year end accounts

Joined SAS Daniels: 2006

Why I'm no ordinary professional:

I joined SAS Daniels as a Trainee Legal Cashier and in my years here have gained valuable knowledge of the systems and procedures in place. I lead by example and encourage the Accounts team to be approachable and as practical as possible when dealing with clients and colleagues, to make their experience a positive one.

Get in touch

Phone: 0161 475 7618

A bit about me

What is your favourite quote?

"Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes the bear eats you."

If you didn't work at SAS Daniels what would you be doing?

Most probably working in a lab somewhere. I studied Chemistry at university but decided after I’d finished that I’d prefer a career in finance.

If we pressed play on your ipod what would we hear?

More than likely something from before I was born. To say my musical tastes are eclectic is an understatement but you won’t find any modern pop music on any of my playlists.