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Meet the Team : Chris Swerling

Chris Swerling

I am Head of our HR team providing HR solutions to businesses and schools. I offer expert on-site advice and support on all HR issues to reduce business risk, improve employee performance and essentially provide our clients with their very own HR function at an affordable cost. I am also responsible for heading up the HR function internally across our four offices.

Prior to joining SAS Daniels LLP I held senior management positions for over 30 years for major blue chip retail companies, a not-for-profit organisation and I was also Head of HR for the printing and packing industries federation. I also have extensive operational experience in human resource management.

Joined SAS Daniels: 2011

Why I'm no ordinary professional:

I have an established reputation for my thorough and professional approach which has meant that many companies, schools and academies have avoided costly litigation through my timely intervention and skilful negotiation. Clients like my no nonsense, down to earth friendly approach as I help them build better, stronger employment and HR practices through the expert guidance I give and by seeking pragmatic solutions to their HR issues.

Get in touch

Phone: 0161 475 7625

A bit about me

What was your first/most interesting job?

My first job I worked for my Dad in his butchers shop in Birmingham, then I went to work in a hospital laundry (YUK!) as a student and finally went to work on the counter at M&S in my school holidays. Don’t ask the years….but it was definitely after the last war!

If you didn't work at SAS Daniels what you would be doing?

Enjoying a healthy retirement I hope!

What's your claim to fame?

Good question...was it when I played the part of Peter Pan or won the sack race at primary school but not at the same time?
Was it when I was invited to lunch with the Queen in March 2012? No…I know what it was…it was definitely when I became a grandmother – yes that’s definitely my claim to fame!