Mediation is not about couples getting back together. It gives couples who are separating the opportunity to meet with someone who has been properly trained to help you make arrangements for any number of things including your children, your money or your home.

Before court proceedings are commenced you should attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

Who are Mediators?

Mediators are a neutral third party who are trained to help you make decisions on how to manage your separation and resolve disputes. The mediator is impartial and will not give legal advice.

When you attend a MIAM, the mediator will meet with you and your partner separately to identify the issues and assess whether mediation is a suitable process for you. If you both wish to proceed then a joint session will be arranged. The mediator may suggest that you seek legal advice. The MIAM does not take long and will provide you with an assessment of your situation.

Otherwise, each mediation session lasts between 1 and 2 hours. The average mediation takes three to five sessions to reach an agreement.

At the end of the mediation the mediator can prepare a summary of the proposals reached between you which your solicitor can then use to draw up a legally binding agreement if appropriate.

What Advantages Does Mediation Have?

Mediation has, in our opinion, the following advantages:

  • It reduces tension and hostility;
  • Solutions are tailor made to meet your needs;
  • Decisions are made on an informed basis;
  • You are able to communicate and co-operate with your former partner;
  • You are able to explore and examine options in a safe environment;
  • You are able to appreciate and consider the needs of your children;
  • There are savings in costs as disputes are usually resolved more quickly and efficiently.

Unless you qualify for public funding (legal aid) you do have to pay for mediation. The cost will be discussed with you at the first mediation meeting. A MIAM session costs £90 plus VAT.

To find out more about mediation and how we can help you, please speak to a member of our team.