COVID-19 and Holidays with Children as a Separated Parent

During school holidays in 2020, many parents will have booked holidays either abroad or in the UK to take with their children, which they can no longer enjoy due to the current pandemic.

These holidays often take much planning and preparation and particularly, when parents are separated, can involve a great deal of negotiation. Many separated parents who had intended to take their children on holiday overseas or in the UK may now be feeling disappointed as Government guidance suggests that all holidays should be cancelled.

Whilst is it not yet known when exactly travel bans will be lifted by the UK Government, and the Stay At Home rules relaxed, there is a great deal of merit in taking the time to rearrange this missed holiday opportunity with your children. It is important to re-negotiate holiday plans sooner rather than later and not leave this until the last minute.

Whilst travelling overseas is difficult at present, some parents may want to remove their children to a different jurisdiction, particularly if they have international links with that country and the country is one less affected by COVID-19. However, this must not be done without the consent of the other parent and that consent is unlikely to be given if a parent is concerned that further lockdown provisions will result in their children being trapped in another jurisdiction, potentially for months.

If children do move and settle into living their life in a new jurisdiction this may lead to problems for the UK Courts when deciding whether they have the power to make orders in respect of those particular children, especially if the children have been out of the UK for a lengthy period of time. This is a complex area of family law and specialist advice should be sought before any foreign travel by a separated parent with children.

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