Paper shredding service & recycling

Recycling imageSince February 2014, we have changed our shredding service providers which has resulted in a more energy efficient process. We are also trialling ‘paper free’ files in two of our teams and actively encourage staff to reduce waste by printing documents two sided.

New recycling bins have been introduced in all of our offices to help us improve our recycling efficiencies and we continue to be prudent in our recycling across the firm.

In 2014, we also changed the company we were using for general waste collection to enable us to introduce the recycling of plastic and glass. When we made this change, we ensured that the new provider not only has excellent environmental standards of its own (ISO 14001 accredited) but that it can provide detailed reports on our own recycling standards, in order to measure and report on our improvements.

In 2015 and as a result of introducing recycling in our offices we saved the equivalent of 920.27 miles (based upon the average fuel usage for a VW Passat).

Improving internal efficiency and sustainability

We are continually looking to improve efficiency across our firm. Most recently we have reduced the amount of travel between our offices through introducing video conferencing facilities for meetings. We have also moved to dual screens which allow staff to view a document on one screen while actively working on another screen, therefore reducing the amount of documents being printed.

We are undertaking an ongoing review of our processes across the firm in order to keep up with technological developments and be innovative in the way we work. We have an electronic case management system which allows staff to use emails, scan documents and use electronic storage rather than printing every bit of paper. Whilst we can’t be completely paperless, as often original documents are needed, this system has dramatically reduced the use of paper and printing across the firm.

We have also reduced our use of paper through providing our staff with an online HR portal. This allows staff to book holidays, record any training and receive electronic payslips.

To help reduce our carbon footprint further we are also introducing LED bulbs throughout the firm and actively encourage staff to reduce their travel between offices through using the video conferencing system.

Green Business Membership

Green Business Membership logoWe are part of the Green Business Membership Scheme, which advises, supports and measures the progress of local businesses wishing to reduce their environmental impact.

In February 2018 we were awarded the bronze award and are now aiming for the silver award.

SAS Daniels presented the Bronze Green Business Award

SAS Daniels were presented the Bronze award by Green Business Membership in 2018.

Legal Sector Alliance

We are a member of the Legal Sector Alliance which is a national organisation of law firms actively implementing strategies to reduce their impact on the environment. We pledge to:

  • Measure, manage and reduce the impact of our operations;
  • Work with external stakeholders to reduce our indirect impact;
  • Integrate awareness of climate change across our business;
  • Advise clients on the opportunities and obligations which may arise from the law around climate change;
  • Work collaboratively to engage in the public debate on climate change and to develop, apply and promote best practice across the sector;
  • Report on our progress and be accountable.

If you have any questions regarding our environmental work, please contact our CSR Committee.

View of Sustainability Policy.