Cost Of Divorce: Is A DIY Divorce A False Economy?

Year Published: 2016

Footballer Gary Lineker has hit the headlines following his comments in a recent Radio Times interview about the cost of divorce. By all accounts his divorce earlier this year was amicable, however, in the interview Lineker speculates that in cases where solicitors become involved, matters do not always resolve themselves so easily. He claimed “It’s very easy to get married and very difficult to get divorced. We know that lawyers try to manipulate it to make you spend more money and basically end up hating each other.”

Furthermore he called for there to be a mathematical equation in relation to the matrimonial finances to assist couples in dividing up their assets quickly.

Whilst it is of course possible to obtain a cheap “online divorce” this is just one aspect that a separating couple must deal with. Once a divorce is finalised it does not automatically sever the financial ties between the parties and so it is important to resolve such matters at the same time. There can be consequences in finalising a divorce too soon, or upon remarriage, if certain financial matters remain unresolved.

The role of the family solicitor is therefore crucial to provide guidance and support throughout the divorce process. To ensure that a level playing field is maintained whilst providing robust advice at a time when emotions are often running high.

Even in a situation where an agreement has been reached, whether between the parties directly or with the assistance of mediation, it is of benefit to both parties to obtain independent legal advice to ensure that they understand the outcomes and consequences of the final settlement. No one couple’s financial circumstances are ever the same therefore it would be unrealistic to suggest that a simplistic formula could be applied to every case and result in a fair outcome whilst meeting the needs of each spouse.

It should be noted that family law group Resolution and its members have been campaigning for the introduction of a no fault divorce to alleviate unnecessary hostility between spouses. Certainly removing the need for one spouse to blame the other for the breakdown of their marriage would be invaluable in terms of focusing on reaching an agreement and ensuring matters are dealt with swiftly and amicably whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

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