New Year, Fresh Start with an Amicable Divorce?

Year Published: 2020

When unhappy couples spend time together over Christmas without the day-to-day distractions of working life, that time can really clarify why you might not want to spend another stressful holiday together. If it is an amicable divorce or separation that you want despite the circumstances behind your parting ways, a solicitor will be a calm voice of reason when emotions are high.

Resolution Can Help with an Amicable DivorceLady overlooking the sea after an amicable divorce

A good place to start to find the right solicitor is Resolution. A Resolution solicitor will promote a non- confrontational approach which results in better outcomes for many spouses.  They will help guide you through the tricky process of divorce, negotiating the terms of a financial settlement and making arrangements for the care of any children whilst encouraging you to maintain respect for one another, conducting yourselves honourably and in a way that allows a separating couple to move forward as co-parents which is vital where there are children involved.

Children Must Come First

Children should always come first when their parents separate.  A relatively new concept to ensure the children do not encounter too much disruption to their usual way of living is for a ‘nesting arrangement’ to be put into place. This is where the children stay in the family home, and it is the parents who shuttle between two different residences, usually the family home and a small flat for a few days each time. The children remain surrounded by everything that is familiar to them, their bedroom, toys and pets. This arrangement allows the costs involved in running the family home to continue to be shared as only one property needs to be big enough to house the children.

If a Business Is Part of the Equation

Another difficult area is where the separating spouses are involved in the running of a family business. The key here is to maintain the concept “business as usual” and not make any rash decisions which affect the running of the business without taking legal advice. The value of the business will be taken into account when negotiating a financial settlement. It is highly unlikely that a business will be lost or have to be sold as a result of an amicable divorce.

Moving On

Whilst most couples’ lives are significantly intertwined in relation to property, finances, children and shared business interests in some cases, rest assured that there is always a way to come to an understanding for all issues that both parties can agree on. Helping people to move on with their lives is always a challenge but can be figured out with the right advice and support.

For further information on an amicable divorce or separation, please contact Claire Porter, Senior Associate in the Family team at SAS Daniels and Resolution Accredited Specialist on 01244 305 926 or email [email protected].

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