Post-Christmas Period And Divorce: How Can It Be Kept Amicable?

Year Published: 2017

It’s a well-known fact that divorce lawyers experience a peak in consultations post-Christmas.

In some cases this is due to a parents desire to preserve a last unspoiled Christmas for the children before proceedings are issued. In other cases the Christmas period acts as the final straw due to:

  • Christmas parties, which can prove an irresistible temptation to those inclined to stray;
  • The financial cost of Christmas can become a bleak reality once January arrives, with recriminations and regrets accompanying unmanageable credit card demands;
  • The imposition of accommodating extended family and in-laws can cause friction and discord between spouses;
  • The perception that the rest of humanity is engaged in joyful celebration can contrast sharply with the dejected; exacerbating their feelings of isolation, misery and wretchedness.

Existing fault lines in a marriage can rupture under this pressure, with unhappy spouses meeting the New Year with a resolution that something must change.

No-one enters divorce lightly, and it is usual for there to have been an undercurrent of difficulties for some considerable time before a solicitor`s advice is sought.

How can divorce be kept amicable?

Communication, rather than recrimination, can be the key to getting through the emotional difficulties of relationship stress.

There are a number of expert charities and professionals who can help you if you feel you or your marriage would benefit from expert input. For example:

  • Relate, who provide marriage advice;
  • Advice on managing debt can be found on the Government’s website;
  • Emotional support from organisations such as Samaritans;
  • Support if you are suffering from depression or mental health problems from the charity Mind and your GP.

If the pressures of the Christmas period have caused you to finally conclude your marriage is in serious difficulties, it’s important to speak to a specialist to benefit from confidential legal advice.

For advice on the divorce process or any other family law matters, please contact our Family Law team on 0161 475 7676.

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