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Summer Holidays As A Separated Parent

The school summer holidays are fast approaching and many parents will be booking their summer holiday to enjoy whilst their children are off school. For a separated parent, the thought of their ex-partner taking their children abroad can be extremely difficult and they may feel incredibly anxious, especially if it is the first holiday as… Read more »

Who’s The Daddy? – Your Guide To Parental Responsibility

Following on from my previous blog, “Who’s the daddy?”, which featured comments on the latest Bridget Jones film. Many of us have now had the opportunity to watch it and were left guessing as to whether the father was Mark or Jack. It wasn’t until the penultimate scene where all was revealed. We saw Bridget… Read more »

Travelling Abroad With Your Children This Summer? Don’t Get Caught Out!

With the school holidays now upon us and many families about to go away for their annual Summer break, I thought it would be timely to share some advice for parents travelling abroad with their children or their children’s friends. Which countries are difficult to enter without permission? If the children are travelling with only… Read more »

Your Guide To A Special Guardianship Order

A Special Guardianship Order is an order made by the court which appoints one or more individuals to act as a child’s ‘special guardian’. It is common for this type of order to be made in favour of a grandparent or other extended family members who step in to care for a child who may… Read more »