HR Workshops and Training Days

If you are experiencing any HR issues in your business or are looking to make changes, our HR Workshops can help.

Our employment law and HR specialists provide bespoke, on-site HR workshops for your management team. Your managers will leave feeling empowered and confident to deal with any future HR problems.

Our team can advise you and provide training on a wide range of HR matters such as employee absence and performance, changes to your staff structure and changes to your staff terms and conditions.

What can you expect from our HR Workshops?

Our specialist team will tailor your HR workshops to suit the needs of your business. Listed below are two examples of a HR workshop that we have recently provided.

Examples of HR Workshops


Before booking your HR workshop we will discuss your objectives and requirements in order to create a workshop which meets your specific needs.

Why choose SAS Daniels to provide your HR workshop?

  • Our team are specialists when it comes to dealing with employment law and HR issues
  • Our workshops are designed for small groups, 7 – 12 people. This number enables discussion and interaction throughout the day.
  • During the workshop you will be given time to work through and discuss case studies so that you have a thorough understanding of how the law works in practice and are given guidance on how to manage the issues.

Previous workshops we’ve provided:

We recently provided HR workshops for managers at Saturn Communications Limited, a visual and digital engagement company, with the objective of providing their managers with the skills and confidence to handle HR issues within their team.

Saturn is a company which has grown steadily and organically over the last 10 years and now has a strong layer of middle management. However, they don’t currently have a designated in-house HR function and, prior to the workshop, the Managing Director and Finance Director were taking large amounts of time away from their main role in order to deal with HR problems.

The business wanted to equip the management team with the skills and confidence they require to handle the HR problems so that the directors’ time could be spent on what matters most; running the business.

How did SAS Daniels help?

We designed a bespoke HR workshop which covered the fundamentals of managing misconduct, performance and sickness absence.

HR workshop at Saturn Communications Ltd

HR workshop at Saturn Communications Ltd

The session was provided as a ‘round the table’ workshop with their management team and took place at their office. We encouraged a relaxed atmosphere throughout the day, discussing many practical case studies. Ultimately we wanted our clients to treat the workshop as a chance to talk about any existing issues, and to ask the questions they may otherwise be afraid to ask. We firmly believe that no question is a stupid question.

Following the workshop we received extremely positive feedback and the attendees commented that they felt much more knowledgeable about their responsibilities and confident to address any HR problems in their team.

What did Saturn say?

“The board at Saturn had identified that in a world in which employment law is ever changing, the implications of poor or uninformed business practice may have significant implications to an SME such as ours. With this in mind, the team at SAS Daniels provided a tailor made one day seminar to all of our managers. The day covered all aspects of managing staff from attendance, performance, conduct and behaviour, advice as to what to ask and when to ask it and, as importantly, when to consult the experts. The whole management team left the room feeling far more confident and capable of running the business. A day well spent and highly recommended!” (CEO, Saturn Communications Ltd)

F.Bamford (Instruments) Ltd:

We’ve also provided a training day for F.Bamford (Instruments) Ltd who commented to say “Many thanks for a very informative and educational day. Great presentation with a well-structured format which conveyed a significant amount of information in an engaging manner. In my twenty eight years at Bamfords this is the first occasion that I have received formal training in any of the subject areas discussed. I can certainly see the importance of today in terms of the direction of the company as a whole and will take this as an opportunity to use this knowledge to benefit of all concerned.” (Graham Potts)

Why should you pay for HR training?

  • To ensure your managers are confident and possess the skills required to deal with HR issues immediately, preventing them from escalating further and avoiding tribunal claims.
  • To ensure your managers are handling employees consistently, fairly and in accordance with employment legislation. Mangers will in turn gain credibility and respect from staff which will ultimately make you an employer of choice.
  • To provide your managers with the support and investment they need for continued improvement, both personally and for the business.

If you are interested in booking HR workshops or would like any other information please contact our team.