Restrictive Covenants

Restrictive covenants are essentially clauses in an employment contract which prevent an ex-employee from doing certain activities after their employment has ended. They can for example prevent an ex-employee from dealing with certain clients or suppliers or from setting up a competing business within a certain geographical limit.

It is absolutely crucial that restriction clauses are drafted on a bespoke basis and are tailored to the individual role concerned. This is to ensure that the restrictions are only as wide as necessary to protect the business. It’s also essential that restriction clauses are reviewed regularly, particularly where an employee changes roles, as any change could leave the original restrictions unenforceable.

We specialise in drafting bespoke restriction clauses on behalf of our clients for all levels of employees and in particular for senior employees at director level. We also work closely in conjunction with our experienced Dispute Resolution team where it is suspected that an ex-employee has or is about to breach their restrictions, in order to take immediate action to prevent any loss to your business.

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