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Meet the Team : Claire Porter

Claire Porter

I am an Associate Solicitor in the Family Law team and advise clients from all walks of life from public sector workers, to private business owners and full time parents.

I advise on a wide range of family matters including divorce, financial settlements, separation, co-habitation, pre nuptial and post nuptial agreements. I have a particular aptitude for handling complex financial disputes such as those which feature overseas assets, multiple pensions, or a family business. I assist my clients in obtaining a financial settlement by negotiating with the other side both outside of court and through the court arena.

I am particularly experienced in representing parents, carers and other family members in family law disputes relating to children’s living arrangements, time with parents/other family members, schooling, relocation within England and Wales or overseas, and social services involvement with a family.

I am empathetic to my clients’ needs, efficient and fight hard to get them the best results. I offer my clients personalised and level headed advice and guidance at all times.

I am an accredited member of Resolution which is an organisation of family lawyers who are committed to resolving family disputes in a constructive and non-confrontational way. This is particularly important when children are involved.

Joined SAS Daniels: 2016

Why I'm no ordinary professional:

It has often been said by my clients that I go “above and beyond” what is expected of me in order to achieve the very best results for not only my clients but also their families.

Get in touch

Phone: 01244 305926

Qualified: 2008

A bit about me

What three items would you take if you were going to be isolated on a desert island?

A hammock as I love my sleep, sunblock as there would be nothing worse than being stranded on a desert island and being sunburnt, and finally, a satellite phone that I could use to call for someone to come and rescue me…probably after 24 hours!

What is your favourite sport?

Tennis: which I have recently started to play again for the first time since my late teens. I have discovered that tennis players and lawyers have a number of skills in common which transfer well from the court into the court room. These being the need to be well prepared, committed, resilient, energetic, motivated, flexible, having a good concentration, a positive attitude, good mental skills, and a drive to constantly want to better oneself. All of which combined will deliver good results.

What is your favourite quote?

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them. (Einstein)