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Meet the Team : Nelofar Azam

Nelofar Azam
  • I have built my experience in residential conveyancing by working in various law firm over the years. I have over two and half years’ experience in residential area.
  • I intend to build my career in Property Law.

Joined SAS Daniels: 2021

Why I'm no ordinary professional:

- I am willing to learn more to advance my skills to provide a professional service to clients.
- I have a positive attitude towards my legal career.
- I am self-motivated, respectful, helpful, approachable, responsible, collaborative.
- I have a kind demeanour when working with my colleagues and clients.
- I am calm under pressure.
- I am empathetic.

Get in touch

Phone: 0161 475 7659

A bit about me

Do you have any hobbies and what are they?

- I like travelling and meeting new people. In 2019 I travelled to France, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Venice, Milan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Hollywood and Las Vegas.
- I enjoy traveling and intend to travel to more destinations in the future.

What’s the best place you’ve visited and why?

- In September 2019 I visited Phuket beach in Thailand. I travelled to the Monkey Island on a Yacht. It was an extraordinary experience. I was surrounded with beautiful heavenly scenery around me. The water was extremely clean.

What animal are you most like and why?

- I am an owner of five cats and believe my personalities resembles my cats.
- I am friendly, easy to socialise.
- I like a clean environment.
- I am intelligent, easy to communicate and train,
- I am adventurous, affectionate and a positive happy individual.