Transfers of Ownership

There may be times when the ownership of a property needs to be transferred for example where owners have separated or following the death of an owner, or simply just from single ownership to joint ownership, e.g. from husband to husband and wife.

You may also be considering the transfer of a property as a gift. There are many more implications to transferring property by gift than you may first have considered and our team can discuss these issues with you before you make any final decisions. We aim to provide clear and sensible advice regarding all available options to allow you to make a clear and informed decision about the transfer.

It is important to remember that on some transfers, there may be stamp duty land tax payable and we will investigate your specific circumstance from the outset to determine if stamp duty is payable and if so, how much.

Our team of specialist lawyers will ensure all factors arising from the transfer are explained fully to give you the piece of mind that all legal details have been covered for the transaction.

For more information about transfers of ownership, please contact a member of our team.