Personal Insolvency

At SAS Daniels our insolvency and corporate recovery specialists advise on all aspects on personal insolvency and bankruptcy. We will work with you to advise and guide you through each stage of the process from preparation to sales and post insolvency activities.

Our personal insolvency service:

We act for a range of individuals, including directors of corporate entities, and can advise you on:

  • Alternatives to bankruptcy;
  • The implications of bankruptcy;
  •  Purchasing assets form a trustee in bankruptcy;
  • Responding to claims brought by insolvency practitioners;
  • Annulment applications.

Why choose SAS Daniels?

Our personal insolvency solicitors have a wealth of knowledge and experience so are well placed to advise on the options available to you and the consequences of personal insolvency and bankruptcy.

We understand how insolvency practitioners work and also work with them, this knowledge allows us to see the situation from both sides and negotiate agreements which are in your best interest and that will be accepted by the other side.

Throughout the process we work with you to understand your individual circumstances and tailor our advice to meet your needs. We aim to reduce the stress at what is no doubt a daunting and very stressful time.

When it comes to costs, we are always transparent and will discuss the costs with you at the outset so that there are no unexpected or hidden charges at the end of the matter.

Contact us:
For more information on our personal insolvency service or for advice, please contact our team on 0161 475 7676 or get in touch via our contact form.