Agricultural Disputes

At SAS Daniels we recognise the importance of ensuring your business, personal and family needs are protected within the fast moving environment of agricultural law. Within our team we have solicitors who are experts in the law around agricultural disputes and who can help resolve your problem no matter how complex it might be.

The key to dealing with agricultural disputes is for the solicitor to have an understanding of the agricultural setting, what it means on an everyday basis, how the dispute can best be dealt with to preserve relationships and to look after assets for the next generation. Our team will work with you to build a relationship and fully understand your legal matter so that we can tailor our advice to your individual needs.

How do agricultural disputes differ?

Just like any other industry, disputes can arise for many reasons. There can be a wide range of agricultural disputes such as:

  • Machinery or equipment which fails to meet the necessary standards;
  • Personal matters such as divorce or disputes over a Will;
  • Issues which arise from previous professional advice that you have taken which subsequently transpires to fall short of the expected standard;
  • Contract disputes relating to a sale or purchase of land or property;
  • Employment disputes.

Our team’s strengths lie in the range of services that we provide for our agricultural clients, serving both their commercial and personal requirements.

How can our agricultural law solicitors help you?

We are proud to act for a wide range of agricultural clients, including farming businesses and partnerships, rural family estates and smallholders serving both their commercial, family and personal matters. We work with surveyors, accountants and land agents in the region to ensure that we are leaders when it comes to our understanding of local and national issues and how these impact upon our clients.

We can help you with:

  • Agricultural holdings and tenancies;
  • Boundary disputes;
  • Farming partnership disputes;
  • Supply & contract disputes;
  • Rights of way disputes;
  • Environmental disputes;
  • Property disputes;
  • Water supplies & drainage disputes.

Agricultural law can be extremely complex and problematic due to the many different areas that it covers and its fast changing nature. Without the proper legal assistance these issues can lead to severe financial and personal implications. Our agricultural law solicitors will provide you with a professional and personal legal advice that can prevent these issues from occurring.

For more information speak to one of our Agricultural Law Team. today.