Construction Disputes

It is vital now more than ever with tighter margins, for businesses in the construction industry to get early advice. Quite often future problems can be prevented or at least alleviated at the contract stage.

It is also possible to prevent or ensure a smoother resolution if we are consulted when disputes are anticipated. We have experience of resolving disputes in the background resulting in a resolution without our involvement ever being known to the other party.

Our specialist construction team has the industry knowledge, expertise and experience to assist you at all stages of a project.

It costs you nothing except your time to pick up the phone and discuss any possible contractual or legal issues you may have. We see ourselves, as do our clients, as an extension of your team.

Quite often we can save time and money in providing a review of the contractual position early on and then provide practical and commercial advice to facilitate a resolution.

If matters have gone beyond using informal conciliatory tactics there are still other options available before it becomes necessary to place matters in the Technology and Construction Court (TCC). For example we strongly commend mediation in most cases and have an excellent track record in resolving disputes using mediation.

You are probably familiar with adjudications in which we can either guide you through the process with your in-house team or carry out the process for you.

If a favourable adjudication does not conclude the dispute or if you need to go straight to court we have the experience and expertise to deliver your objectives through the TCC.

If you would like to discuss a construction dispute with one of our specialists, please contact our Dispute Resolution team and we will be happy to help.