The Domestic Pressures of Lockdown

Over the Easter weekend, the Home Office announced that domestic abuse services are to receive an extra £2million as part of an initiative called “You are not alone”. The National Domestic Abuse helpline has seen a 25% increase in calls and online requests since lockdown began.

Many are encountering difficulties managing the enforced proximity with family members that lockdown necessitates. In our usual busy lives, we can often successfully internalise the dissatisfaction and upset generated when we find ourselves in a relationship that is not functioning as it should.

Lack of spousal support regarding childcare issues is a common feature of marital problems, and this is emphasised in a scenario where there is an expectation that parents will home school their children, in many cases whilst attempting to work from home themselves, in an environment where those children are unable to expend their usual energies outside of the home.

Financial concerns are another common thread within marriages that are in difficulties. Financial insecurity causes high levels of anxiety and, on occasion, blame, which are detrimental to the smooth running of a marriage. In these times of redundancies, furloughing and business difficulties, a perfect storm is created for marriages which may already have been struggling.

At SAS Daniels, we have a specialist team of family solicitors able to talk through concerns you may have regarding marital difficulties, possible separation, questions relating to potential divorce, child arrangements and finances.

We offer a free half hour no-obligation consultation for you to talk through your situation. We can sign post to support services. Where the marriage has clearly irretrievably broken down, we can explain the divorce process to you, the most appropriate way of achieving this and the likely cost.

If there are finances to be sorted out as part of that divorce, we can discuss these and talk through options, a potential action plan and the likely cost to you of having a solicitor to assist you in sorting the finances out.

Where there are concerns regarding the co-parenting of the children we can give guidance, direct you to self-help remedies and step in with more formal solutions if they are needed. Again, we can provide clarification as to likely cost.

If you feel this service would be of help, please contact one of our specialist team to set up a telephone meeting at a time convenient for you.

Helpful numbers:

National Domestic Abuse Helpline (Refuge) number: 0808 2000247

Samaritans number: 116123

Anyone in danger should call 999 and press 55 on their mobile if they are unable to talk openly as this will alert the call centre to trace the call and get assistance to you.