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Heads of Terms: Think Before You Sign

Renewable energy schemes have offered farmers an important and, in the past, profitable way to diversify and protect their income stream in the face of falling prices for traditional farm produce. However, it has become commonplace for some renewable energy developers to pressurise landowners into signing heads of terms before the landowner has received professional… Read more »

Stop grazing your horses and get off my land!

It’s every landowners nightmare when they come to inspect their land and find that there are people trespassing on it. This is even more concerning when it involves animals, particularly horses. This situation is known as ‘fly grazing.’ Fortunately the situation for landowners has improved slightly in 2015 with the introduction of the Control of… Read more »

Read carefully before signing on the dotted line

A recent Supreme Court case demonstrates that a party cannot rely on the courts to step in and rescue it from the detrimental consequences of a clear written clause in a lease of a holiday home. In the case of Arnold v Britton and others (2015) the Supreme Court upheld the clause in a lease… Read more »