If you are considering restructuring and refinancing then it is useful to talk to us at the same time as you are approaching lenders. This will allow us, as necessary, to review titles with you and ensure that any defects are addressed whilst your application to borrow is being considered, rather than delay drawdown by rectifying when the offer is made.

We can also act for your lender in any borrowings if your lender wishes us to. However some lenders will, in certain circumstances, wish to appoint their own solicitors who will set out their requirements of exactly what they wish us to provide by way of title, searches and enquiries. Because there is more than one set of solicitors involved, this requirement for dual representation will usually lengthen the transaction as well as incur additional costs, but we will do whatever we can to keep both to a minimum.

Our experience of restructuring portfolios and refinancing has involved preparing private loan agreements, legal charges and debentures to secure the borrowing against all corporate assets, on various sizes of portfolios.

If you would like to speak to a member of our Commercial Property team, please contact us today.