Initial Public Offerings

We offer an efficient and proactive service advising companies on transactions involving AIM and the Official List. Our experience with such transactions gives us excellent knowledge and experience of all regulatory obligations associated with a public company admission as well as all stages of the transaction including due diligence, pre-admission restructuring and, where appropriate, share schemes. Further to this we are incredibly well versed in the duties and responsibilities owed by directors both at and after admission of the company.

We will work closely with all teams relevant to each particular admission. This will often include the Employment Law & HR team to ensure all Director’s Service Contracts are in order and in line with public company admission requirements ahead of the admission going ahead.

We know that it is of paramount importance for your business to be as profitable as it can be upon public admission, which is why we work to relieve your management team of the burdensome duties and responsibilities surrounding such a transaction so they can focus on the day to day operation of the business.

Importantly, our approach is built around the knowledge that each individual client comes with a different company structure and therefore, different company requirements and goals. This means we ensure we tailor all aspects of our advice on, and management of, the transaction to suit the intricacies of each business we work with.

Throughout the entire transaction we take a long term view ensuring a robust process leads to a smooth admission giving maximum momentum to the company to enable it to begin its public trading from the best possible footing.

For more information on Public Company Admissions, Initial Public Offerings or Secondary Offerings, please contact a member of our Corporate team.