Managing Disciplinaries

If you are facing a potential disciplinary situation with one of your employees or are part way through an investigation and are unsure of the next steps, our expert team of employment law solicitors can advise you on how to manage disciplinary issues in the workplace.

How should disciplinary issues be managed?

Managing disciplinary issues in the workplace should be done fairly and effectively and is something that many companies struggle with. A typical disciplinary process should follow these key steps:

  1. A thorough investigation by the employer into the concerns with the employee’s conduct;
  2. A letter inviting the employee to a disciplinary hearing setting out the allegations and potential sanctions;
  3. A disciplinary hearing to discuss the issues;
  4. Delivering an outcome to the employee on any disciplinary action to be taken;
  5. Giving the employee the chance to appeal the decision.

It is a common mistake for employers to not delve deep enough into the issues surrounding the alleged misconduct at the investigation stage. This could ultimately result in any decision reached being fundamentally flawed and put an employer at risk of a tribunal claim – therefore it is vital to get advice at the earliest stage possible.

How SAS Daniels can help you manage disciplinary issues in the workplace:

With our in depth knowledge and experience of dealing with disciplinary issues for a variety of companies, we can ensure you ask the right questions at the initial stages in order to gain a full and objective view of the situation. We will then advise you on the risks associated with each possible outcome, ranging from a warning all the way to dismissal.

Ensuring you have conducted a full and thorough disciplinary process is crucial. If the employee subsequently raises a claim in the Employment Tribunal, you will need to be confident enough that you can fully defend your actions.

As well as advising you on how to conduct the process properly, we can also provide on-site support and even chair the disciplinary hearing on your behalf. This has proved to be a very valuable service to our clients who often find themselves too close to the issue or not experienced enough to conduct a fair and impartial hearing.

In addition to advice and on-site support we can also provide you with the following documentation:

  • Confirmation of suspension letter (where required);
  • Invite to disciplinary hearing letter – setting out detailed allegations;
  • Outcome to disciplinary hearing;
  • Invite to disciplinary appeal hearing;
  • Outcome to disciplinary appeal hearing;
  • A Disciplinary Policy to form part of your employee handbook.

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