Managing Sickness Absence

Managing sickness absence effectively in your workplace can have a positive impact on your business – resulting in increased efficiency, improved performance, motivated employees, reduced management workload, and reduced costs.

Whether you are dealing with short-term persistent absences or a case of long-term incapacity, our employment law solicitors can support you with managing your employees and implementing an effective absence management policy – ultimately allowing you to focus on running your business.

Considerations when managing sickness absence:

If you have issues with absences it can often feel as though there is no clear resolution in sight. The key to managing sickness absence is to set the standards, engage properly with employees, identify the issues, and work together to reach an outcome.

It is also vital that employers set out a clear absence policy which informs employees how to report a sickness and what’s expected of them during and on return from a period of absence. Without a clear policy, a business cannot expect employees to understand their responsibilities and risks the added stress and time of having to manage an employee’s absence.

During a period of absence you should not just wait for an employee to return before taking action. For example, for an employee on long term sickness, you should ensure you maintained regular contact with them and ultimately start any relevant capability process without undue delay.

How can SAS Daniels help you manage sickness absence and take back control of your business?

At SAS Daniels our Employment Law and HR Team can support you every step of the way and provide you with all the necessary documentation and guidance required in order to carry out a thorough absence management process. We also have a bespoke HR management system, SAS Protect, which can track and monitor employee absence levels, as well as generating their contracts of employment and all of your policies and procedures.

If an employee’s absence ultimately leads to a dismissal, our team can help ensure that any risks of unfair dismissal, discrimination, and any other tribunal claim is proactively managed and minimised.

By taking advice on absence management at an early stage, you can make sure that your employee is either back in work with the right support, or ultimately managed out fairly and efficiently.

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