Managing Sickness Absence

All too often sickness absence is not dealt with effectively by employers, leading to decreased efficiency, reduced profits, demotivated employees and frustrated employers.

Whether you are dealing with short-term, persistent absences or a case of long-term incapacity, the key is to engage properly with the employee in question, identify the issues and work together to arrange a return to work.

In addition to consultation with the employee, employers should also consider taking advice from an appropriately qualified medical practitioner, whether that is an occupational health adviser or a specialist consultant. Very rarely will advice from a GP be of any proper help. This will ensure that any decision taken about an employee’s future in the business is done so with a clear understanding of the employee’s medical condition and how this is likely to impact on the employee and the business in the future.

In addition to advice and on-site support during any capability process we will also provide you with the following documentation:

  • Invite to welfare meeting;
  • Invite to capability hearing;
  • Outcome to capability hearing;
  • Invite to capability appeal hearing;
  • Outcome to capability appeal hearing;
  • Instruction to occupational health or consultant.

For further advice and support on managing sickness absence, please contact our team and we will be happy to help.