Employment Law

As strict measures for individuals, businesses and educational establishments in the UK are now in place, and government tries to minimise the spread of the new coronavirus strain, known as COVID-19, many employers are looking for guidance and best practice advice to follow.

As a business owner, whether you are forced to close or adapting to new ways of serving your customers, it is normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious about the impact these changes are having on your employees health and welfare and on your business in the long term. It is important to manage employees fairly yet effectively to ensure that your business continues to operate in future and that time, money and resources are not wasted at this critical juncture.

Our expert Employment Law & HR team have produced various guides and articles that can assist you with managing employees effectively. The situation is fast-moving and unpredictable, so it is important to keep on top of all the legal changes. We will update content daily and provide the latest insights and news for you to follow so that you are always kept informed.

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